Unable to push the packages to EC2 instance

Hello Team,

Hope all is well. I have scenario where i have OD server → bastion host → Client Host (via ssh).

I want to do deploy application via ssh from bastion to client. i have created ssh key and able to do ssh from bastion to Client from aws , but however when i run same from OD it does ssh but then exits the session. I want to push and deploy packages from OD server to Client where tentacle is installed on bastion.
Please suggest if there is relevant document for these becoz i cant find one

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Ajtiesh Baoria

Hi @ajitesh.baloria

Could you supply server and task logs from Octopus so I can take a look at why it might be exiting?

Since you are trying to use a bastion, it might be that you will have to transfer the package to the bastion and then use a custom script to SSH the package from the bastion to the client.

If you send over the logs anyway, we can take a look and see what’s happening. Can advise further from there then!

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Hi Sean,

I found a work around that i can transfer the package. However when i am trying to unzip it, it seems that it want full name. So it is working at the moment.

Thanks for replying back. Will get in touch if any issue comes up. Have a great day

Kind regards

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