Unable to push the octopus output log to Jenkins log


We have integrated Jenkins with Octopus and trigger a job in jenkins which will trigger(create and deploy a release) the project in octopus.
As a part of this process we want our Jenkins to be the place for see the logs for the entire end-to-end process, but I’m unable to get this output log feedback from octopus to Jenkins log. Can you please advice on how to get the octopus output log to jenkins.

I also noticed wrong url being showed in the jenkins log, though :80/ is the actual url of octopus but it still printing :8/ in the output(seee attachements).



Hi Pawan,

Thanks for reaching out. I can see you’ve already asked this in a duplicate thread: http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/questions/8981

Did you check Matt’s reply already? Here’s a copy of it:

Are you using the community provided Jenkins Octopus plugin?

Assuming you are, it appears you’re running into a bug with the way it removes the trailing slash (I think the issue is on this line). If you change your Octopus Host URL to remove the trailing slash, you should be fine.

As to how to get the octopus output using the plugin, I suggest you raise an issue on the GitHub repository and ask the maintainers of the plugin. You might want to raise an issue with them regarding the trailing slash removal as well.


It’ll also be useful if you could send all the fields that can be seen on the screen of 1.PNG and the full log (in a text file) from 2.PNG

This helps, Thanks. Sorry some how I missed Matt’s answer and couldn’t
find my asked questions o had to do it again.


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