Unable to Push Package from Push Package Step (or) Octo.exe CLI to Octopus Deploy

Hi Octopus Support,

I am having trouble uploading/pushing (either via octo.exe or Push Package step TFS) and getting a generic message “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.


Deleting it from \**\Octopus\OctopusData\Packages\Spaces-1\feeds-builtin<PackageDeleted>
Reindexing packages

According to my analysis, there seems to be a false DB entry that should be cleaned in order to correct this issue. We don’t have this issue across the environment, only with few Package ID/s and would like to clean that rather leaving them behind and identify the Root cause so that similar action can be avoided further.

We need your assistance to further troubleshoot this issue.

Eshwar Balakrishna

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