Unable to open octopus server in https

Hi team,

Using change binding, I have set https for my ocotpus sever with Generate new self signed certificate. after that my server is down.

Screen hsot and logs attached.

Please share a solution for the same

OctopusServer.txt (5 KB)

Hi Santhana,

I believe the problem is you have enabled “Redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS”, and you are using different hosts (localhost for the HTTP binding and ngp.octopusdeploy.com for the HTTPS binding). So when you are browsing using the HTTP binding, requests to the API are being redirected to HTTPS://localhost, which doesn’t exist.

So the solution is, either put both bindings on the same host (i.e. both on ngp.octopusdeploy.com), or in the Octopus Manager, click “Change Bindings” and un-select “Redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS”.

I hope this helps,