Unable to login on Internet Explorer 11


I am unable to login to the Octopus dashboard using Internet Explorer 11. It works in 10 and Chrome with the same username/password.

Please see attached screenshot for exact version number and error message

Thanks for the detailed screenshot. I’m using the same version of IE11 and it works for me. What happens if you browse to:


And sign in as a guest using IE 11?


Your demo site worked just fine.

What is very strange is that also my own site worked after trying your demo site. I have done other “stuff” on the portal in Chrome during the day so it might be that some other, unrelated stuff fixed my IE 11 login issue…

Thank you for a swift reply and sorry for wasting your time on a matter that solved itself :slight_smile:

Sometimes you might collect cookies in IE for other sites on the domain that override the Octopus cookie - if you encounter this again you could try clearing the cookies. Hope that helps!