Unable to install tentacle from ARM template with custom image


Please tell me I’m missing something completely easy. I’m trying to deploy a throw-away vm with an octopus tentacle via ARM templates which uses a captured image.

I use the quick start template (which makes a new vm) and the tentacle and everything appears to install fine. However, when I use my vm (custom image, attach to existing vnet), the deploy succeeds, though there is no trace of the octopus tentacle, any install file or anything.

At the moment, I’m running a powershell script to download, install and configure the tentacle, though I don’t want to be deploying through visual studio. I would much prefer an Octopus job to deploy the template, install and configure the tentacle and then do all the jobs I need it to do. At the moment, I can use the ARM template step in octopus, then run the custom powershell script, though I would much prefer it all to be in one place.

Can someone please point me in the right direction, including any information I can provide that could help?

Ignore this, ended up starting from scratch and getting it all working. Only thing left is to associate with a tenant :smile:

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for keeping in touch and letting us know that you were able to solve this one. Please feel free to let us know if you have nay further questions.

Kind regards,