Unable to export projects from Cloud to Server due to version mismatch

Hi there,
I’m trying to export a few projects from Octopus Cloud (2023.2) to Octopus Server (2023.1) and getting a version mismatch on import. However 2023.1 is the highest version of Server available on the download page. I’d really rather not manually re-create these projects - is there anything I can do to avoid this other than waiting for versions to align? (which may be a while/never given Cloud rev’s a lot faster than Server)


I see there is an Import/Export API. Before I embark on a script to attempt this, am I gonna run into the same server version mismatch problems? (I’m even keen to explore exporting subsets of components to save some manual work)

Hi Pete,

I’m struggling to find it within our documentation, but I’m fairly sure the Import/Export API is disabled for Cloud instances.

If you check the full version number, we can provide you with the installer for the same version that your cloud instance is running.

This does come with the usual caveats that the version isn’t fully released, could have unknown bugs etc.
If you’ve been using it on Cloud fine I expect you shouldn’t run into any problems running it on-premise. Still worth taking a database backup before the upgrade to ensure you have a rollback path if needed.


Hi Paul
I’m exporting from Cloud version 2023.2.9087 and trying to import to Server version 2023.1.9794 which is the latest server I can find.

Re RC builds of server that may be compatible with our cloud version, I’d need to get a sense of stability/maturity for it as we are using Server in our PCI zone… I’d need to discuss internally if we could live with being on an RC until the next LTS version


The first build of 2023.2 has been progressing through our Cloud instances since the beginning of March, so it has had two months to mature.

You can view the release items for 2023.2 so far here.

There is a known issue with 2023.2.9087 related to non-docker hub container feeds. A hotfix version (2023.2.9088-hotfix.9778) contains the fix, which is what most of our cloud instances are currently running.

I’ve sent a download link for that version to you as a private message.

Brilliant! I’ll have a chat internally and see about using it.

Once again, fantastic and fast support from your team :slight_smile:



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