Unable to expire state lock

we have problem with Octopus Deploy server from version 2022.2.6971.
Deployment process slow down for one of our workers. We can see something like this:

Deployment process successfully ends.

Do you know anything about whats going on ?

Best regards

Hi @Piotr

Sorry to hear that you’ve come across this error. Can I ask for the below details please?

  • Can we get the full raw task log from that deployment that was affected.
  • Has this only happened once, or does it happen on every deployment?
  • Have you updated that Tentacle recently?
  • Does any other deployment hit that particular worker at the same time?

Kind Regards

Hi @sean.stanway,

Thanks for quick response!
I checked the configuration more carefully and it looks like there was a problem with the linux worker configuration. After some actions, deployments back to normal.



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