Unable to download package from github


This is surely a very dummy question, but we are trying to download a package from github. I have done what was necessary in Library>External Feed (same configuration than another github repo that works).

The problem comes during the deployment. It displays this error:

Downloading name/name-Testing v1.0.1 to package cache…
The step failed: Activity failed with error 'The package name/name-Testing v1.0.1 could not be downloaded to the package cache …
System.Exception: Unable to download package package name/name-Testing v1.0.1 from GitHub feed ‘name-Testing’: Illegal characters in path. —> System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path.
at System.IO.Path.GetFileName(String path)
at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchiveEntry.set_FullName(String value)
at System.IO.Compression.ZipArchiveEntry…ctor(ZipArchive archive, ZipCentralDirectoryFileHeader cd)

Is there a problem with the Uppercase? Or something else? When I go into library, and test the connection, it can indeed see the repo.

In github, I can indeed see a release and a tag with that number.


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Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear your running into this error accessing your packages from an external feed, and there’s never a dummy question.

At first glance, this error may be caused by the space and “v” in your package name, if I see that correctly. Using all lower case is also a good practice. Here’s our documentation on Supported Package ID formatting that follow Semantic Versioning patterns, that may help you moving forward.

I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to let to reach out if you have further questions.



I think the space is normal, here is another package from github (this one works):
Downloading name/hello-8 v1.1.58 to package cache…

In github, when i go to download the zip file, the number is indeed name-Testing-1.0.1