Unable to deploy to Windows 2003 R2 with 2018.6.15

We still have Win 2003 R2 server (sadly…) as one of our target servers to deploy to and have been using 3.0.26 version tentacle.
The deploy was working fine when we were on Octo version 2018.6.5, however, when we upgraded to 2018.6.15, it broke complaining about security protocol.
It seems that the latest version of Octopus forces TLS 1.1 and above for deploy targets regardless of the Windows version?
Unfortunately Windows 2003 R2 is stuck on TLS 1.0 with no way of upgrading it.
Was this done on purpose?
For now we have rolled back Octopus to restore the deploy.

We would love to upgrade to use the latest version of Octopus, but at the same time, we need to keep deploying to 2003 servers.
What should we do?

Hi @James_Kim,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We discovered last week that our Powershell 2 E2E tests had been removed from our test suite, which unfortunately has led to the issue that you are seeing (or more specifically meant we didn’t catch the issue before it went to production). We have a GitHub issue tracking the problem and are planning to get a fix out this week. We are also re-adding these tests back in to prevent any future regressions.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if you follow the linked GitHub issue you will be notified when it is resolved and included in a production release of Octopus.

Any questions please let me know,


Thank you.
I am glad to know it’s actually an issue you guys are working on.
I was afraid you have deprecated support for 2003 servers for good.
I will look forward to the update!

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