Unable to deploy to empty Azure services

Getting this Azure error when deploy to a Cloud Service that does not contain any deployments.

“An exception occurred when calling the ServiceManagement API. HTTP Status Code: 404. Service Management Error Code: ResourceNotFound. Message: No deployments were found… Operation Tracking ID: 42dec075433c433c91244e4e27db57e2.”

Is there any way to force through a deployment?

Hi John,

For the first deployments you may need to set the “Swap” option to “Always deploy” and the “Instance count” option to “Use … XML file”, and then re-create your release. There is a bug in the current Azure deployer in that it tries to check existing deployments and fails when there are none.


Hi Paul, thanks for getting back on this.

In our case, we often remove deployments in the “Staging”-slot to minimize the number of instances running in azure we don’t need (save money basically), so there would very often be an empty slot we are deploying to.

Will try to update the step to always use the XML file and see if that works.

The XML-file workaround works. Thanks, Paul. Is this bug registered in the Trello board so I may vote on it? Could not find any similar ones.

Hi John,

There is now:



I’m currently having this issue and although the workaround is working I can’t go and do that every time.
It’s a real problem, when do you think it will be fixed?
I’m currently using Version
Is it fixed in Version


Hi All,

I’ve opened up an issue on GitHub to address this.

Feel free to track and comment.