Unable to delete/edit a project that included an Azure Deployment Step after upgrading from v2 to v3.0

We had a few projects that included an Azure deployment in our version 2 deployment of Octopus and now that we’ve upgraded to 3.0.5 we cannot modify or delete them.

Opening the project looks OK, with a nice list of releases and deployments, but selecting any of the other options for the project results in the message “The resource ‘deploymentprocess-Projects-9’ was not found.” and scripts on the page break.

Reviewing the browser console, I’m seeing a number of 404 responses from calls to

Seems odd that the variables and settings are also tied to the deployment process.

Is there any way to purge these projects and move on?



Hi Ben,

Thanks for reaching out. In Octopus 3.0 we removed the Azure step that was available in 2.6, to introduce the new Azure deployment targets for Webapps and Services. For this reason, when you import a project from 2.6 that had this steps, you’ll get an error like this one. To fix this, you’re gonna have to go back to your 2.6 instance and manually remove that step from your project. Then create a new backup and re-migrate it to your 3.0 instance. The migrator will notice this change and it will overwrite the project’s deployment process.