Unable to contact Tentacles in a remote location after migration of server and upgrade of tentacles

I’m currently in the middle of doing a migration of our virtual machines away from HyperV and over to a VMWare solution. Our Octopus server was installed on WIndows 2012 Server which for some reason was taking 20 minutes just to boot after the VMWare migration. So instead what I decided to do was to build a new Windows 2008R2 Server from within VMWare and migrate the Octopus Server over to that new box.

So I followed the procedure listed in your help documentation and was able to get Octopus installed on the new server albeit with a newer version of Octopus than the existing server.

I then restored the latest backup from the existing server onto the new Octopus server and everything appeared to run just fine.

I then checked the environments tab of the new Octopus installation and found that all tentacles were showing up as disconnected (had an X on them). So I hit the reset connections button which gave an error however when I then clicked on the check health button for each environment the tentacles then successfully reconnected and I was able to upgrade them.

Unfortunately during all this one of the environments still remains in a disconnected state and hitting the reset connection buttons just reloads the Octopus webgui without appearing to do anything and when I hit the check health button for the environment in question the task completes in one second and tells me there are no active machines to check.

When I click into any of the machines in this environment that is having the issue and click on reset I get the error shown in the attached screenshot.

I’ve done a bunch of digging and have come across the tentacle troubleshooting guide and when I go to the tentacle URL for the affected machines I get a successfully configured tentacle message. I’ve unchecked the revocation list option as specified in your help materials and have checked netstat and from what I can see only tentacle.exe is using the given port.

I’ve attached a tentacle logfile from one of the affected machines.

Any suggestions for what else I can try?

octopustentaclelog.txt (13 KB)

Oh and I forgot to mention that I shutdown the old Octopus Server prior to restoring the config to the new server

Attached snippet of octopus server log

octopusserverlog.txt (4 KB)

Attached eventvwr log file from an affected machine.

eventvwrlog.txt (9 KB)

Fixed it myself. Ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the tentacles in the affected environment.