Unable to connect to RHEL target via ssh (No suitable authentication method found to complete authentication)

I’m trying to establish a Linux target (RHEL 7.x) over ssh with ssh key. When it tries to connect, I get this error:

Octopus.Worker.Ssh.SshEndpointConnectionException: Could not connect to SSH endpoint: No suitable authentication method found to complete authentication (keyboard-interactive). —> Renci.SshNet.Common.SshAuthenticationException: No suitable authentication method found to complete authentication (keyboard-interactive).

It was able to discover the target and populate the fingerprint, but it’s not able to connect with the account configured with the ssh private key.

Any suggestions?

Hi gary_mui,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your query.

It sounds like the Linux machine might be rejecting the SSH login. There are quite a few reasons why this could occur so I’m afraid a bit of investigation might be needed. My suspicion would be that key based authentication isn’t configured correctly on the SSH server.

In the first instance I’d suggest manually trying to connect using the same SSH key but from outside of Octopus Deploy. This should help to confirm (or not) that the key can be used to authenticate.

Could you please try the above and let me know how it goes?

Best Regards,


Thanks Charles for the response. I did try a manual ssh and as you suspected, I think there are problems with that because I’m getting prompted for a password. I will look into resolving that and try to proceed from there.

If I can’t get ssh to work, perhaps we switch to using a Linux Tentacle. The problem there is that we are on an old version (3.17.2) and it doesn’t sound like the Linux tentacle is supported. We already have an upgraded license but we are waiting on infrastructure (SQL Server upgrade) in order to actually upgrade.

Do you know if there is a Tentacle that will work for 3.17.2?


Hi Gary,

Thank you for getting back to me and letting me know.

I’m afraid that you’ll need to upgrade before you can use the Linux Tentacle. You can find the full requirements listed on the page below:

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,


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