Unable to connect to github repo

I am attempting to set up a test deployment using the new config-as-code feature.
I appreciate that this feature is EAP and will be buggy but so far is failing at the first hurdle of trying to connect to a repo.

In the Version Control Settings page I have entered the repo URL and authentication details of the repository I have created (and initialized with a README.md file on the main branch).
I select the “Test” button which successfully verifies my details with the message:

Version control settings verified successfully

I then select the “Configure” and “Commit” buttons which displays the following error:

There was a problem with your request
Remote repository returned an error: Repository not found.

So the test passes but saving the configuration fails.

Is this some mistake on my part or this feature not yet in a usable state?

Hi @Luke.Powell,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to see you’re running into issues.

Would it be possible to get a screenshot of the settings you’re using on the Version Control page?
If you are using a Personal Access token to connect, could you make sure you have Repo permissions attached?

Looking forward to hearing back.


On further inspection and with some support from Octopus team I have determined that the issue was caused by insufficient permissions for an account that has access through “internal” repository visibility.
Explicitly giving the user additonal permissions resolved the issue.

The “Repository not found” error was a red herring and the issue was in fact one of permissions.


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