Unable to configure Octopus Deploy Status widget

I’m having trouble configuring the Octopus Deploy Status widget in Azure DevOps (Dev17.M153.6)
I set up a service connection with our on-premises Octopus server in the format
I added the widget to my Azure DevOps dashboad. When I configure the widget I can seelct my Octopus Connection but my Octopus Space dropdownlist is empty. When I click the little triangle next to the list, nothing happens. I can click the arrows for the lists Octopus Project Group, Octopus Project, and Octopus Environment–when I do that they expand the dropdownlist but the list is still empty. I can’t open the Octopus Space list at all. We are still just using the one default space. Any ideas?

We’re using Octopus Server 2019.6.7 LTS

Hi @rjhansen,

Thanks for reaching out, nice to hear from you again!

We most often see this issue where there is some issue connecting to the URL used, such as the Octopus Server not having internet access. However in this case I think it might be due to the URL containing the extra /app# section.

Could you please confirm the URL you are using is the base Octopus URL? E.g. my local instance available at https://octo.domain.local/app#/Spaces-1 would use https://octo.domain.local/

Let me know how you get on or if that’s not the issue, I’d be happy to explore this further!

Best Regards,

That fixed it. Given that the web server redirects https://<server.domain>/ to https://<server.domain>/app#/ I didn’t think twice that the widget would not also support that format. Thank you.

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Hi @rjhansen,

That’s great to hear, thanks for letting us know!

Feel free to reach out again if you ever have any issues or questions!

Happy Deployments!

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