UI issues on Configure Dashboard page

Octopus Version: 3.2.6
Browser: Chrome 50.0.2661.94 m
Computer OS: Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

I’d like to report 2 issues with the /dashboard/configure page on octopus:

  1. The scroll bar on the “Excluded” and “Included” list boxes are really bad. Clicking the up or down arrows to scroll works “sometimes” but almost always doesn’t work. You also can’t click/hold/drag the scroll bar up and down – it just doesn’t let you! The only way I’ve found to effectively scroll the two list boxes is to put my cursor in the box and use my mouse scroll wheel to move up and down. This needs to be fixed. My team has a lot of octopus projects populating in these boxes – hence the reason why we need to scroll up and down to choose…

  2. The list boxes for the “Excluded” and “Included” lists are too thin. I don’t expect you to widen these to fit every project name, but It would be nice if these boxes were either 1) a bit wider or 2) if there was some way to hover over long names and have some tooltip pop up to show the rest of the name. Long names get cut off and I can’t tell what I’m choosing.


Thanks for getting in touch.

I was able to confirm these issues by adding a list of projects/groups with long names. We’ve created a Github issue here so you can track when this will be addressed.

Thanks for your feedback!

Mark S.

Great. Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll keep an eye on the issue in Github – glad you were able to reproduce it.