UI - Edit mode poorly displays missing or deleted tags

Version 3.8.0

Noticed that it is hard to notice that a tag has been deleted (role, environment, project groups etc …). In some cases if you have several deleted tags, you will have to really search for them.
If you try to save changes on f.ex. a team with missing tags, then you’ll get an error from the database in this manner:
“There was a problem with your request.
One or more referenced resources do not exist: “ProjectGroups-21” provided for ProjectGroupIds”.
I’ve also gotten longer errors due to the same issue with deleted tags.

The missing tag(s) should be highlighted with a really noticeable color.

Hi Harold

Thanks for getting in touch! Apologies for the delay in replying.

I agree that this isn’t a great experience. Ideally, we should be modifying the team if we delete the project group, and then the UI wouldn’t be a problem. That said, as we’ve hit similar issues before, I think our best bet is to handle missing items better as well as fixing the referential integrity issue.

I see that you’ve hit this problem with project groups and teams. Do you have any other specific examples that you’ve run into? Roles is an interesting one as they are not entities in themselves - they are just a strings.

I’ve reproduced the issue you’ve faced, and logged an issue so we can get it resolved.

Hope that helps.


I can keep an eye out for similar issues with tags that aren’t deleted automatically.