UI and navigation needs to be better

Too many times i’m just clicking around trying to find where to create this and that,

For example creating a new role, you know you want a new role, so you go to every screen, configuration looking for a new role section, it’s not there. You actually create it as a secondary step in creating a new deployment target. It’s just not natural for it to be there, great is you can do it from there but that shouldn’t be the only way to do it.

2nd example, LifeCycles, you’ll think this is something to do with deployment, its got to be somewhere in envs or projects, or maybe a link in the project. No it’s in Library! why?!?!?

It feels like your deliberatly hiding these and making people look for it, it’s so fustrating having to google where to create this and that, it should natural, where you’ll expect them to be.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out and for the feedback! we really apretiate people taking the time to give us their thougts.

About Roles

This is something we’ve been asked for in the past, but we still havent sit to implement it. There’s a uservoice suggestion open to allow Roles renaming, that while its not exactly what you are asking for, it eventually became a request to add a CRUD interface specific for roles which is what you are looking for. If you even check the comments on the suggestion you’ll find one from myself proposing a CRUD interface: https://octopusdeploy.uservoice.com/forums/170787-general/suggestions/3271170-renaming-roles

Could you please drop by that suggestion and add some votes and comments to it? That’s the best you could do to help making this happen in the future.

About Lifecycles

We use the Library to keep all the things that are common to many projects. For example “Library variable sets” are sets of variables that could be imported from any project. Same history with Lifecycles which could also be used by plenty of projects at the same time. Both of them, along with Script modules, Step templates and a few other things are sitting in the Library.

Like you said Lifecycles are something strongly related to deployments. For that reason we added a fairly easy way to reach Lifecycles right from the Deployment Process screen. Check the attached GIF to see what I’m talking about.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Forgot to attach the GIF


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