Trying to deploy a standalone application


I know Octopus Deploy main use case is service deployment, but I still need to use if to deploy standalone applications.
These apps are built into an artifact zip in team city, such that when extracted from the zip they can be launched directly from the target folder - all in one directory, with all dependencies dlls.

With octopus deploy, as it is strongly advised to pass Nuget packages around I added a step in TeamCity to pack the nuget, expose it in TC feed. This get picked up by the O. Tentacle which then extracts it to a shared drive as specified in the Custom Install Directory.

Now the issue I have is the nuget pack creates folders lib (with the executable), content (with files I don’t need) and maps dependencies to some Dlls which I’ll need to have in the install directory, I’d need to have ‘flat’ package just like the TC zip.
Should I skip nuget pack/extract altogether, or do I need to pass extra parameters in the nuget pack command ?



Hi Olivier,

Thanks for reaching out!

What you are trying to do is not only possible, but its the most common use case really. Most of our users have their applications right at the root of their packages (Nuget or Zip) ready to be used like you want to and not inside the Lib and Content folders.

Best regards,

Thank you Dalmiro for looking into this.

The kind of application is a WPF app which uses some DLLs that we build internally, and others like log4net, entity framework, … Currently all these files are in 1 folder, which we copy to clients machine and run the eXE from there.

The packing is done automatically by TeamCity when I create a ‘Build’ step: it will create a zip file at the end of the build which shows up in ‘Artifacts’ tab.

Since this morning I looked at OctoPack which could be the answer to removing the ‘lib’ and ‘content’ folder but I can’t install it from NuGet - I opened a ‘problem’ in your support for it.

I nevertheless attached the nuget part of the team city build but it doesn’t show much.


teamcity-nuget-steps.txt (5 KB)

Hi Olivier,

Octopack would be the recommended approach here, yes. I’ve also replied to your other ticket. I think once we figure that one, you’ll be good to go.


Thanks, works like a charm !


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