Trigger Questions for Autoscaling Group

Hi all – I am having a bit of trouble with triggers. Right now I have a trigger that will push the last deployed release to any machine that becomes available for deployment. The only issue I am experiencing is that if a deployment fails to a new machine (and its happening a lot while I test), there is no way that I know of to get that trigger to either try again after a certain amount of time, or clear the failure from that specific release so that it actually will try to deploy to new nodes again. I’m wondering if there is anything I can do to have the triggers either retry the deployment or be able to clear the failure automatically to be able to try to a different node that becomes available. This is an autoscaling solution that I am working on so there will be multiple nodes involved in it and I’m trying to make it so that one failure to a node doesn’t impact the entire application

Hi @asavage,

Thanks for getting in touch!

What you are experiencing is by design, as we don’t want to push out failures to any further machines :slight_smile:. While we don’t have a try again trigger that you could use, one way to work around this would be to mark release as Successful manually.

To do this you need to head to the project in question, then the releases page. Once there you can see your releases, select the one you need then you will be able to see the failed task for the release. Depending on circumstances you may be able to just re-run the task here, otherwise you can select the task then in the overflow menu select Edit State


Change the dropdown option for State to Success and the triggers will start firing again for that release.


I hope that helps, let me know if there is anything else that I can assist with.


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