Transformed Configs not getting copied


I have a project which gets deployed from our development server to our web-server. The project has several directories and 2 of these directories (Web and ServiceHost) have Web.configs in them.

Octopus first deploys the packages to C:\Octopus\Applications\Trunk\Debug{{ReleaseNumber}} and transforms both Web.configs. When I go into the folder and look at the files both transforms have been done successfully.

It then copies this deployment to E:\deploy\Trunk\Debug{{ReleaseNumber}} but when I go into the ServiceHost folder the Web.config hasn’t been substituted. It has been transformed using the Web.Trunk.config but it still has values such as #{DeployBasePath}#{Octopus.Release.Number}. The config in the Web folder is fine.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is there something I’m missing?



Hi Scott,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Couple of questions about your environment to help with the troubleshooting:

  • Which version of Octopus are you using?

  • Under C:\Octopus\Applications do you see all the files transformed as they should be?

  • Could you please follow the below steps to provide a verbose deployment log?

1) Add these 2 variables to your project

2) Create a new release (so the new variables take effect) and deploy it. If possible skip as many steps as you can and only leave step we are troubleshooting in order to avoid the noise in the log.

3) Send us the raw log of that deployment


Hi Dalmiro,

We are using the latest version of Octopus 3.3.3.

When the configs are on the C: drive they are transformed as they should be.

Attached is the log requested.



ServerTasks-3984.log.txt (103 KB)

Hi Dalmiro,

Sorry but I have figured out the problem. One of our other steps is overwriting the config with an untransformed version. When I only ran the one step it worked, then it dawned on me what was happening.

Thanks for your support.