Transfer file from the target server back to Octopus server


We use Octopus to deploy our business site, where the web.config is encrypted as part of the deployment process. The tentacle machine that hosts the site is part of an external network, where the Octopus server is located within our internal network. From internal server it is able to access tentacle machine, but not the other way. We need to keep a copy of unencrypted copy of web.config in our internal network, i.e. behind the firewall, so that we don’t have to unencrypt the one on the tentacles when we need to investigate anything.

We hate to setup a port within our internal network for tentacle server to transfer the files back. We also don’t want to use any 3rd location for keeping the sensitive file. Since there is already a communication between Octopus server and its tentacles, is it possible to make use of it for transferring files back?

Any better ideas are appreciated as well.



Have you looked into use New-OctopusArtifact? It would save the file as part of that deployment in Octopus Deploy. Might not be exactly what you are looking for but it could help.

That is referencing it in the Script Console but I believe it can work in normal deployments as well. I’d have to find the process I’ve used in the past to do this.

Thanks a lot David! That actually solved my problem easily.


Thanks David. It works