Topshelf service dependencies

I have a service with dependencies. The service is created with Topshelf and the dependencies are configured with Topshelf.

I see two options to install it:

Option 1: Install it as Windows

  • Upside: easy stop/reconfigure/start of service
  • Downside: I have to specify the dependencies that I already have configured using Topshelf

Option 2: Use Topshelf install via custom script

  • Upside: I don’t have to specify the same dependencies again
  • Downside: Custom script

Is there an easier way to do this with the ease of installation by Octopos but without the duplicated dependency configuration?


Thanks for getting in touch! I have had a couple of customers asking about TopShelf recently. I did some looking around for more information and can only find the following blog post.
(It involves using a custom script)

We do have a section on TopShelf down the bottom of our Windows Services documentation page (It sounds like you have already seen it.)

Apart from these two options, it does not look like there are any easier ways I have seen to install TopShelf services.