Time duration to install tentacle on 1700 machines

To install tentacle software on 1700 machines how much approx time would be required?
Link https://octopus.com/docs/installation/installing-tentacles/automating-tentacle-installation does help in making the installation easy, but can this be run from central location to install tentacles on all machines?
Please help

Hi Pratik,

Thanks for reaching out! The instructions on that link should also apply for remote installation from a central location. Given the amount of machines you’ll be handling, I recommend you to go the Powershell DSC way.

As for the time It’ll take, I’m afraid that’s a bit harder to answer. If you run a single Tentacle installation from the Tentacle machine itself (not remotely), It usually takes between 5-10 seconds. But in your case there’s a few more things you’ll have to consider:

  • Latency between the Tentacle machine and the machine orchestrating the remote installations.

  • Latency between the the Tentacle machine and the Octopus Server (depending on the style of Tentacle you choose, It’ll try to reach out the Octopus Server or not).

  • Is the Tentacle installer going to be on the Tentacle machine, or is it going to be downloaded as part of your automated process? the 5-10 sec estimation is in the scenario where the Tentacle MSI is already sitting on the machine.

I definitely encourage you to spin up a few testVMs on the same network where your real Tentacle VMs are on right now, and test/measure this process against them. That’ll be the only way to get a reliable estimation on how long will this process take.

Hope that helps,

Thanks a lot for your response. Much appreciated
I will check this out and let you know soon!

Hi, Can you please help me in understanding how the tentacle can be installed and configured and registered from central location?
I have the script that installs tentacle and registers itself to Octopus server.
But this needs to be executed on every machine individually.
Please advice how i can avoid running it on individual machine and making it run from central location?

Hi Pratik,

I see that you submitted this question a few times. Robert W has provided the answer for you :slight_smile: