Ticket Information from Azure Devops into octopus

As per the requirements while moving from Teamcity to Azure Devops as a CI tool. We are able to build code in Azure dev ops CICD pipeline and then push and deploy the built package in the on-premise octopus server.
However I am unable to get the ticket information in the “Changes” and “Artifacts” section of the release as we used to get during the Teamcity build.
I tried using octopus metadata plugin in Azuredevops, it does push the json file with the code commit details to the agent server (configured at Azure devops) but octopus is unable to consume these details.

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Your work items and commits should be added to Octopus using the Push Build Information step and appear in Octopus within the Library > Build Information section.
There are further details on how this process works available here: https://octopus.com/docs/packaging-applications/build-servers
and more specifically for ADO here: https://octopus.com/docs/packaging-applications/build-servers/tfs-azure-devops

What version of Octopus are you currently running? As we have made changes to the way that this process works within the last year or so.


Hi Paul,

Appreciate your quick response. We are using Octopus 2020.5.3

Perfect, in that case, the details in the links will be correct.

I am able to see the release number getting passed onto the octopus changes section from Azure Devops however the ticket number associated with the change is not getting reflected.
Where does octopus changes section look to get the ticket ID information. Is it the Branch name / Commit messages etc…,
Also can I add the ticket information to the release changes by running a powershell script as a part of deploy process?

By ticket information are you referring to Work Items?
If so, you may need to enable Azure Devops Issue Tracker which will retrieve work item information at release creation time.
Further details: https://octopus.com/docs/releases/issue-tracking/azure-devops

Thanks Paul. This link helped get the information we wanted pass through to octopus

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