This task started in a minute and ran for 1 minute

I’ve overlooked this many times but decided to bring this up. It’s really does not make sense the way it’s written. Would be nice if this bug could be fixed.

Should read:

This task started a minute ago and ran for 1 minute

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out. I see your point, but that message makes more sense when you look at it a x time after the task finished, which is what happens 99%+ of the times (people don’t usually stare at their automated tools while they do their work :slight_smile: )



Thanks for your note. Again, it’s clearly a bug. Saying that a task “started in a minute” is nonsensical and just bad grammar — and sounds silly. If it were my code, I’d fix it.

It’s like me saying “I bought a cup of coffee in 20 minutes”.