This task has been queued to run 2 minutes ago

Just noticed this today. Running version

Any ideas why this would happen?

I’m re-opening this discussion because I think these messages are useless - due to their total lack of any accuracy.

For example, I’m running a long deployment that I expect will take about 20 mins to complete. It has 25 steps and the package being deployed is sizeable. I’m seeing the message:

This task started 11 minutes ago and should have finished 11 minutes ago.

Right off the bat this message makes no sense. Basically it’s saying that the deployment should have taken 0 minutes.

I’ve rarely seen a message that even came close to reality.

Please consider:
a) removing them from the UI altogether, or
b) fixing them so that they provide some value

Hi Michael,

Octopus has no way of knowing or estimating how long something will take. But we do have empirical evidence of your previous deployments for that task. So the time we suggest it should take is from a previous deployment. However we can’t also know if there were steps skipped, packages are larger, networks are different, there are more machines etc so it’s really just a should based on previous deployment times.


Vanessa - Thanks for your note. Since as you point out, Octopus has no way of knowing or estimating how long a task will take, it’s distracting and misleading information that should be removed.