The Windows PowerShell snap-in 'WebAdministration' is not installed on this computer

We get this error while deploying an IIS hosted WCF service to a WIn2008 R1 box that is running powershell 3. This server does not have outbound web access. What components do we need to download to resolve this error? How do we download the required components given that this machine does not have outbound web access?



Hi Scott,

You’ll need the snapin from here:

(I’m not sure why the headings say ‘Advanced Logging 1.0’ - but the downloads do take you to to the IIS7 PowerShell snap in.

There are MSI downloads (the x86 and x64 links) so you won’t need to use WebPI. You should be able to download them on a computer with internet access, and then find some way to transfer them to the remote machine (perhaps over remote desktop or even using Octopus).


Note, the IIS powershell snapin is now included with Win2008R2 and greater if you install the appropriate role service.

See the following link for more info:

Add IIS Management Scripts and Tools Role Service