The resource you requested was not found for Git process after upgrade


I just upgraded our server to the latest version, and for the single project that we have migrated to the git process model, we now receive a “The resource you requested was not found.” error when trying to access the “Process”, “Triggers” or “Settings” page on the Deployments section.

I have tested the Version Control settings, the “refresh branch list” seems to work.

We have changed nothing on the git sources.

I have checked the logs and found the following line: “2022-07-07 12:30:47.8131 968 51 INFO “HTTP” “GET” to “localhost:8051"”/api/Spaces-1/projects/Projects-2/refs/heads/master/summary” completed with 404 in 00:00:00.0116605 (011ms) by “Thomas xxx”"

We upgraded from 2022.1.2342 to 2022.2.6971

If you want me to provide you a log, please give me an email where I can send the zip.

Edit: new deployments are also broken, with a 404 not found result when using the create-release command.

Hi Thomas,

For this to happen after an upgrade, is certainly odd.
Can you try using the ‘Clear Local Cache’ under ‘Configuration’ - ‘Git’ and see if anything improves after that?

You also mentioned the Create-Release Command is broken?
Does “Create Release” work from the GUI?
Does the ‘Test’ button, from Settings → Version Control succeed?

I’ve looked through several recent tickets with similar errors as what you are reporting and I have stumbled upon this issue. Are you using IIS as a reverse proxy?

If this issue, isn’t the same issue as what you are seeing, then I can make this post unlisted, so you can send through your latest server logs on this ticket. Alternatively, you can send an email to - provide a link to this issue, so that we can correlate the two tickets and you can safely attach your server logs to the new ticket.


Yes we are using IIS as a reverse proxy. Let me check this link and see what happens next.

I can confirm that I can access the server using the localhost url on the server directly: http://localhost:8051/app#/Spaces-1/projects/superviseur2/branches/refs%2Fheads%2Fmaster/deployments/process.

I will try to apply the workaround quoted in the github issue and report any progress here.

I can confirm that I was able to fix the reverse proxy settings using useOriginalURLEncoding and UNENCODED_URL.
The process editor now works correctly.
Perhaps before this version the branch path path in the url was not including the “ref/branches” part?
I am quite sure that I was able to browse the process before this morning update.

Anyway, you can consider this case as solved and you can close this discussion.

PS: my IIS reverse proxy settings predates the official documentation, so some specific configuration advices were missing.

Thanks !


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for following up! Great to hear you’ve been able to fix this, and I greatly appreciate you pointing out there are some missing details in our documentation. I’m going to go through the documentation page and update it as needed to hopefully prevent other similar issues in the future.

Please let us know if you come across any other questions or concerns going forward!

Best regards,


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