"The resource was not found" after cloning a project


After upgrading Octopus to v2021.2 (Build 7580), we are facing an issue when cloning a project.
At Projects-> Deployments-> Settings an error is displayed with this message “The resource … was not found”
This issue is always reproducible and it is critical for us in configuring further the deployments.
After this error occurs, the project cannot be updated or deleted.

Can you please offer us support to have this issue fixed?

Thank you!

Hi Ovidiu,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I believe my colleague has replied to your email regarding this issue and how we believe it is related to this issue: Resource Not Found Error - Versioning Strategy from cloned projects incorrectly referencing package. · Issue #7071 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub

We can continue the communication via email rather than here, in case we need to see logs etc.


Hello Paul,

I didn’t received yet the email.
Please respond to the email and we can move the communication there.

Thank you,

Hi @Ovidiu.Pop,

Thank you for getting back to us.

The email was sent approximately 1.5 hours ago. Can you check your spam folder to make sure it wasn’t routed improperly?

If you cannot find it, let me know and I can re-send the email.

Best Regards,

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