"The package could not be downloaded from NuGet."

I’m configuring a new Octopus Deploy server and am having problems testing my first deployment. I am getting the following error in the “Download packages from NuGet” release step:

A child activity failed: The package could not be downloaded from NuGet. Please see the below errors for details. If you are getting a package verification error, try switching to a Windows File Share package repository to see if that helps.

ERROR Unable to download package: Could not find package [MyPackageName] in feed: ‘\[IPAddress]\NugetRepository1’ System.Exception: Could not find package [MyPackageName] in feed: '\[IPAddress]\NugetRepository1’at Octopus.Server.Tasks.Deploy.DownloadPackageActivity.FindPackage(Int32 attempt) in c:\BuildAgent\work\e6923628be6eaf72\source\Octopus.Server\Tasks\Deploy\DownloadPackageActivity.cs:line 116at Octopus.Server.Tasks.Deploy.DownloadPackageActivity.AttemptToFindAndDownloadPackage(Int32 attempt, String cacheDirectory, IPackage& downloadedPackage, String& path) in c:\BuildAgent\work\e6923628be6eaf72\source\Octopus.Server\Tasks\Deploy\DownloadPackageActivity.cs:line 98at Octopus.Server.Tasks.Deploy.DownloadPackageActivity.AttemptToDownload() in c:\BuildAgent\work\e6923628be6eaf72\source\Octopus.Server\Tasks\Deploy\DownloadPackageActivity.cs:line 622012-10-03 17:53:52 DEBUG Finding package (attempt 2 of 5)

I have the Octopus website application pool running under a local machine account. The Nuget repository is a file share on a machine in another domain. The share grants read permissions to a local user account with the same username and password as the one hosting the Octopus site. When I test the Nuget repository from the Octopus configuration page, it works correctly and shows the packages.

Am I missing something?

EDIT: I believe I have found what I was missing. I had to setup the Octopus service, in addition to the app pool, to run under the local machine account I created instead of its default of Local System. I’m not sure if this will have any other impacts but I’m now able to get packages and deploy them to tentacles.

Hi James,

I was about to reply with the solution that you mentioned in your edit - the deployment is done using that Windows service. Generally that service doesn’t need too much in the way of permissions so changing the identity shouldn’t cause too many problems.