The deployment overview is very squashed!

(Arran Huxtable) #1

Since upgrading to 2019.10.4 my project overview is a bit squashed requiring a scroll bar.

Before my upgrade the overview took up much more of the space on this page (as you can see there’s a LOT of wasted space to the left and right of it now) and thus negated the use of the scroll bar and also looked far better!

(Shannon Lewis) #3

Hi Arran,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve asked the team and it was changed in order to make the paper a consistent width across the various pages related to the project. This doesn’t feel like it makes sense for the overview, it’s a dashboard style page and by its nature is going to be likely to be wide. I’ve raised a GitHub issue to revisit this and get it changed back to being as wide as will fit.