The checksum advertised for download is "wrong"


I’m just setting up a chef task to install an octopus tentacle. The download link is listed at as having checksum a97e0d3b7f15a20b82c38cfc0ef0f74f.

When downloaded by chef that is showing as the etag and the checksum is showing as 083c73c216bf54d98f319544e87e1f688a66799380e8d9c1b80044327d680ffb

Is this right?

This is true of the tools v2.4.5.18

Chef reports {“etag”:"“1ee2d64202cc90c1f96b3f7f78f34781"”,“mtime”:“Tue, 23 Aug 2016 07:56:08 GMT”,“checksum”:“6e2fadb326693b0c58f541858470a2f906a70951944888ba2d92858349cf964e”}

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’ve just downloaded, and generated an MD5 hash of the msi, and I get the same checksum as the website lists:

matt@local:~/Downloads$ md5 Octopus.Tentacle. 
MD5 (Octopus.Tentacle. = a97e0d3b7f15a20b82c38cfc0ef0f74f

Checking the SHA-256 checksum matches the one you’ve reported:

matt@local:~/Downloads$ shasum -a 256 Octopus.Tentacle. 
083c73c216bf54d98f319544e87e1f688a66799380e8d9c1b80044327d680ffb  Octopus.Tentacle.

Chef by default uses SHA-256 checksums, whereas we are publishing MD5 checksums. At this point, I’d suggest manually getting the SHA-256 checksum, but if want, feel free to raise a suggestion on our UserVoice site if you’d like the SHA-256 checksum published as well.

Hope that helps!