The channel specified for this release does not belong to the same project as the release

We recently upgraded octopus to version 3.12.2 from 3.4.9.

One of our applications used to create releases using API has stopped working after the upgrade. The error message that we are getting is:
“The channel specified for this release does not belong to the same project as the release”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Previously you were able to create a release in a channel that did not actually belong to the project you were creating the release for.

Double check that your call to create a release is using a channel appropriate for the project. If it looks ok would you mind providing the script that creates the release?


Hi Shane,

I am using the api directly through postman. My payload looks like:

“Version”: “3.0.7”,
“ChannelId”: “Channels-96”,
“ReleaseNotes” : “the release notes”,
“SelectedPackages” : [
“stepName”: “Unpack new template”,
“version”: “3.0.7”

I have tried it without specifying the channel as well but no luck. I only have default channel attached to the project. We use this same channel in multiple projects to have standard lifecycle across all of them.

The thing I don’t understand is that I can create release manually using octopus web ui. However, I cannot do the same using API.

Saurabh Lath

Hi ,Saurabh

Would you mind sending the result of:






I think the error message is bit vague and not helpful.

I just found the problem. The projectId is case sensitive with the new octopus upgrade. As soon as I changed the projectId from “projects-96” to “Projects-96”, it fixed the problem.

Shane, thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.


Hi Saurabh,

Ah I understand now, we are doing a case sensitive comparison of the project id.

Sorry for the trouble and confusion, I will fix it.