Test variable substitution in config files


Is there a way of testing variable substitution in config files locally, without having to check in, build, and deploy the file? It would be really helpful when migrating to variable substitution from our old solution.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for getting in touch!
If you are referring to config transformations AppHarbor have a tool for that:

If you are referring to Octopus variable subsititution unfortunately there is currently no such functionality to help here.
We do have a current UserVoice suggestion that you should checkout, comment and vote on:

Hope this helps!

I was referring to Octopus variable substitution, yes. Config transforms
can be easily tested using e.g. SlowCheetah in Visual Studio :slight_smile:

The “Dry run” feature would be nice, however, testing locally without
checking in (e.g. via tentacle.exe) would be better, because the feedback
loop would be “edit - try”, instead of “edit - check into cvs - build in
TeamCity - dry run”.

Thanks for your reply anyway.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the extra info. I would suggest a comment in the dry-run suggestion about being able to run it via command.
Might even be possible with Octo.exe vs tentacle, but definitely put it in as a comment to the suggestion.