Terraform warning within execution container for workers

When running terraform plan steps wihtin an execution container on a linux worker (using the latest Ubunutu Octopus image), we are seeing the following warning that the CLI is not supported.

This is despite being on the terraform v1 wihtin the container

Hi @l.bailey!

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear that you’re hitting this.

The good news that this has already been corrected, and will roll out in 2021.2. If this is causing issues though, I can see if the team can backport the changes into 2021.1

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Thanks Justin, as we are running these steps in a container I assume there is also an update required to the worker tools Docker image?

Hi @l.bailey!

As you’re already running 1.0.2, I assume you’re using a custom container - but there shouldn’t be any updates needed on your part, since the updated calamari components that were generating this error will be pushed to the container after your Octopus server instance is upgraded.

For those following along too, version 3.0 of our WorkerTools container has been upgraded to Terraform 1.0.

Hi Justin

Is there any timeframe on when 2021.2 will be released?



Hi Luke,

All things going as planned, I believe the release team is aiming for the end of August.


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