Terraform Provider - Creating Tenant Variables

Hi there team,

Long time no see :blush:. I hope everyone is doing great :slight_smile:

I’m working on migrating (as much of) an already existing Octopus instance and its resources to be managed via Terraform.

So far everything is going fine, but I believe I ran into my first non-supported resource type: Tenant Variables

Am I missing something or is this resource type not yet supported? I cannot see it in the documentation and I wanted to double check with you if this is on the roadmap.

Loving the terraform provider btw. Awesome work!


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5 minutes after posting this I found a Github issue for it :man_facepalming: . Added my +1 to it.

At least I gave you a free ticket to start the day :blush:

Hey Dalmiro!

It’s awesome to hear from you - I hope you’re doing well! Thanks for getting in touch and for the free ticket. :slight_smile:

I see a fix was merged a few weeks ago for Dependency: #62 listed in that issue, so I asked internally for any status update on this. Waiting for a reply, and will let you know.

If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, don’t hesitate to shout out. It’s always great to see you. :slight_smile:

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Hey Dalmiro,

Quick follow up to let you know the team is currently working on this one. Though as I’m sure you’re well aware, the way tenant variables were modelled makes certain things quite tricky, and they don’t translate well to trying to model it to Terraform. Meaning this is not a trivial fix and there’s no ETA at this stage.

Sorry it’s not better news, but let us know if you have any other questions!

Best regards,


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