Terraform Plan output is hard to read in task log

Currently the output of the Terraform plan is quite difficult to read in the task log output - it would be helpful if the output would have the red/green/yellow coloring to indicate Terraform deletions, updates and addtions.


Hi @Kyle.Engibous,

Thank you for reaching out!

In taking a look at your request I can definitely see how syntax highlighting would be helpful within the Terraform step template task logs, as those entries can get a little verbose.

If you haven’t checked already, I would encourage you to look through our UserVoice portal for any similar requests, and if you aren’t able to find any then feel free to submit this as a new idea/feature for review by our team for possible future implementation within the product. I took a quick look through the existing entries and didn’t see anything that lined up with your request, but let me know if you find something in your search.

I’ve also mentioned this request internally, so our teams have some additional visibility on this in case something is already in progress along these same lines.

Thank you again for reaching out with your suggestion, and let me know if end up posting something to our UserVoice portal and I can link this up with the internal communication I mentioned earlier.

Best regards,


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