Tentacle will not install / start

Hello, Trying to get a polling tentacle installed on a Windows Server 2012 RM VM, but this is what is happening when I hit install at the last step of the Tentacle Setup Wizard… any help would be appreciated…

Saving instance: Tentacle
Setting home directory to: C:\Octopus
A certificate already exists, no changes will be applied.
Removing all trusted Octopus servers...
These changes require a restart of the Tentacle.
Application directory set to: C:\Octopus\Applications
Services listen port: 10933
Tentacle will not listen on a port
These changes require a restart of the Tentacle.
Proxy username cleared
Proxy password cleared
Proxy use is disabled
Error: Start requested for service OctopusDeploy Tentacle, but no service with this name was found.
Error: The previous command returned a non-zero exit code of: 1
Error: The command that failed was: "C:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Tentacle\Tentacle.exe" service --instance "Tentacle" --start
Deleted instance: Tentacle

Although not sure what caused this, I was able to install by hitting the reinstall button in Tentacle Manager, and then registering the server by command line.

All is well.

Hi TJ,

I responded to your email but will respond here as well.

​Unfortunately it appears that we have introduced a bug with Tentacle 3.19.1 (which is included with Octopus 2018.3.13). I have raised an issue and the development team are investigating now. In the meantime I have confirmed that this issue doesn’t apply to Tentacle 3.19.0, I will provide download links below:
​x64 - https://download.octopusdeploy.com/octopus/Octopus.Tentacle.3.19.0-x64.msi
​x32 - https://download.octopusdeploy.com/octopus/Octopus.Tentacle.3.19.0.msi

​Apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused, we should have a fix released shortly.


On the download page it appears as though the Tentacle installer 3.19.1 was replaced with 3.19.2, but are you aware that 3.19.1 is still bundled with Server 2018.3.13? Those who use the Server to deploy Tentacles would still be using Tentacle 3.19.1.

Hi Bob,

Can you let me know where you are seeing that? When I have checked on our downloads page and the link provided on the infrastructure page in 2018.3.13 they both offer links to Tentacle 3.19.2.

Thanks Bob, I look forward to hearing from you shortly,


  1. I install Server 2018.3.13
  2. I upgrade a deployment target to the latest version
  3. Check the Tentacle version for the deployment target and it shows 3.19.1

Hi Bob,

Thanks for that, I hadn’t tested that scenario. Unfortunately that falls into our won't fix column as those binaries are built into the build of Octopus, so to change them without bumping the version number wouldn’t be appropriate.

We do have the workaround of upgrading to a new version of Octopus which includes newer Tentacle binaries, or downloading the Octopus Tentacle binaries directly from the website and installing from there.

I know that is not the news that you were looking for, unfortunately that is the design decision that we have made regarding Octopus versioning.

Let me know if there is anything else that we can assist with,


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