Tentacle versions not reporting

We are currently running Octopus Deploy v2019.12.1 (and will upgrade to v2019.12.8 on Friday, although I don’t see anything in the release notes about this issue), with the default Calamari version v8.1.3.

Our servers currently have Tentacle v4.0.5 installed, which would appear to correspond to 2019.6.

Health Checks do not report the currently running version anymore. This means that even though our copy of Octopus shipped with Tentacle v5.0.9, nothing is being upgraded.

The log from a health check is attached (with machine names sanitized): ServerTasks-522224.log.txt (1.8 KB)

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m very sorry to hear you’re hitting this confusing issue here. I’ve set up an Octopus server version 2019.12.1 locally with a Tentacle version 4.0.5, and I’ve been able to reproduce exactly what you’re seeing in the log only when the machine policy applied to this Tentacle is set to Only perform connection test like shown below.

I also hit this same issue after upgrading both server and Tentacle to latest, so I’ve raised the following bug report to get this addressed.

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and my apologies for the inconvenience it has caused.

Best regards,


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