Tentacle upgrade blocks all tasks & limits upgrades to 8 at a time

a) tentacle upgrade blocks all tasks
b) only 8 tentacles are upgraded at a time

We have over 2000 tentacles currently and the last 2 updates have resulted in the ‘tentacle upgrade’ to run, which is a bit time consuming. We have a HA configuration with 4 app tier servers and either need the block of all tasks removed or the ability to configure the number of tentacles to be upgraded at at time (maybe 100 vs 8)

Any suggestions or timeline for when these types of changes might be coming? (or is there a value in the DB we could edit to change the number of tentacles being updated?)


Hi Curtis,

Thanks for getting in touch and detailing your situation. My apologies for the confusion and inconvenience this is causing you. We are aware of what looks like the same issue around Tentacle upgrades blocking system tasks, linked below.

We have had other reports of issues in this area recently so it does look like they’re actively looking at this as we speak. Hopefully we’ll see some significant improvements in the not-too-distant future.

For the time being, in your case you might be able to mitigate this a little bit by gradually increasing your task cap.

I hope that helps. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Best regards,


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