Tentacle service account - interactive logon?

HI folks - our tentacles run under a Windows Service account which currently has interactive logon enabled. As part of our company’s security policy, all interactive service accounts have to have their passwords changed each year - this will obviously be a problem for us given the sheer number of tentacles that we have.

Am I correct in thinking that there’s no reason why Tentacle can’t be executed using a service account that has interactive logon disabled?



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You are 100% correct that the Tentacle doesn’t require an account with interactive logon enabled (we use Local System by default with is just that). The one caveat is that if you are using Tentacle to launch applications that require interactivity that that functionality will no longer work, however that is generally not required.

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Hi Alex,

Just to go on the back of this, can you confirm if application service account (i.e, “OctopusDeploy”) requires interactive logon privilege?

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HI Richard,

I can confirm that it does not. :slight_smile:


Thanks Alex for your speedy response!

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