Tentacle requires restart after install before path is refreshed


Im trying to update my tentacles installed software by using the script console, following this article: https://octopus.com/blog/dbup-database-deployments#octopus-deploy-configuration

When i try to install both chocolatey and dotnet, i have to restart the tentacle on the machine or the commands are not found.
I can log in to the machine and use the installation from both command prompt and power shell, but the tentacle can not use it.
After an restart of the tentacle it works fine.

How do I avoid having to log in to the tentacle and manually restart after each installation?

Im using Octotypus Deploy v2019.6.8 LTS with Tentacle v4.0.7

Thank you for reaching out.

You should only have to install chocolatey and the .net core install once. That is why in the article I leveraged the script console. The script console runs the install under the same user as the tentacle. I can’t recall if I had to restart the worker, but if I did, I only had to do it once.

If that is still tripping you up, you don’t have to make your DbUp application .NET core application. You can make it a standard .NET Framework application. I chose .NET Core because I wanted to learn it for the article and get some real world experience in it.

If you make it a .NET framework application you would need to adjust the example script to something like this:

# How you reference the extracted path
$packagePath = $OctopusParameters["Octopus.Action.Package[DbUpSample].ExtractedPath"]
$connectionString = $OctopusParameters["Project.Database.ConnectionString"]

$exeToRun = "$packagePath\DbUpSample.exe"

# How you run this .NET app
& $exeToRun "$connectionString"

I hope that helps!

Hi Bob

I don’t have any problems getting it to work.
It is only the install process, only one time, which is a bit of a hassle.

Først I have to install choco.
Then i have to restart the Tentacle worker, since it can’t see choco on the path.
After restart, i can install .Net Core usisng choco, but I then have to restart the Tentacle worker again, since it can’t see dotnet on the path.
After the last restart of the Tentacle, everything works smoothly.
Just annoying to have to log in to the Tentacle to restart it.
Really like using the Script Console to do remote work on the Tentacle, without having to remote to the Tentacle.


Ah, gotcha. Yeah, that isn’t super smooth. Our plan is to address that with the Ops Processes features. octopus.com/roadmap.

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