Tentacle pull directly from NuGet feed - Setting on whole project only?


So we have a Octopus server in our production environment. NuGet server is in another domain across the world with bandwidth problems. Deploys to production is no problem, they are quite seldom, i.e. we can live with low bandwidth. The Dev/Test/QA machines for the same project are in the same domain as the NuGet server. So when deploying to Dev/Test/QA, which is 10 times more frequent than to Prod, the Octopus server need to first download packages from other side of the planet and then send them back. Not ideal because of low bandwidth. Luckily there is a new setting for the project - the Tentacles can download packages directly from the NuGet server. Great for the Dev/Test/QA environments but since the setting is on project level (?) he Prod deploys will do the same, i.e. we have to open ports from all prod machines to the other domain and the NuGet server which the security guys won’t be happy with.
Could the “download directly from NuGet feed” setting be expanded so that you can set this depending on environment in each project?
I.e. for Dev/Test/QA download directly from NuGet feed. For UAT/Production download from Octopus server.

PS. We do not want the Octopus server in the “other” domain across the world (same as the Dev/Test/QA machines) because of security issues when deploying to UAT/Prod.

Hi Erik,

It’s not clean but one workaround now is to set up roles:

web-server-direct (for machines in dev/test/qa)
web-server-push (for machines in prod)

Then have have two steps:

Step 1: Download directly on Tentacles (role: web-server-direct)
Step 2: Download on Octopus, push to Tentacle (role: web-server-push)

Step 1 will then only apply when deploying to dev/test/qa, and step 2 will run when deploying to prod.


I think that would work for us actually. I’ll certainly give it a go anyways.

For the future, it would be nice to be able to set this choice per environment or even machine in the build step.

Great product by the way!