Tentacle manager with multiple instance scroll problems

Hi all,
seems that if a tentacle manager has multiple instance the scroll don’t works properly.
I can see only the first instances but if I try to scroll down the scroll bars jumps to the end and only “new instance” link is visible.



Thanks for reaching out! I was on my way to try to reproduce this, when I figured out I didn’t quite understood the issue :). Could you send me a screenshot or a GIF that shows this behavior? Also please show me how many Tentacle instances you have on that machine so I can make sure to attempt to repro this with a similar amount.


Hi Dalmiro,
The number of tentacle instances I think depends on your monitor resolution.
Try to add tentacle instances (A1…An) until the scrollbar appears and then add some other instances again (B1…Bn).
The scrollbar, in my win server 2012, has only two position: top (I see the first instances A1…An) and down (I see “new instance” button) but I can’t see the instances B1… Bn.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Sandro,

Thanks for clarifying the issue you’re seeing, and letting us know about this unintended behavior. I have been able to replicate it in exactly the same why you have described. I have created a GitHub issue for this which you can follow here:

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Thanks a lot Kenny.

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