Tentacle is offline

v Octopus 0.9.511.2528 (beta)


I’ve installed Octopus and a Tentacle without any apparent problems. Both services are running, I can browse to the tentacle WCF service from the machine that has Octopus installed, but the tentacle is permanently ‘offline’

Any suggestions on troubleshooting this?


i’m also having this problem.
i’ve tested it using just the ip address and it get the same offline status.
i’m able to click the link it provides and the service opens in browser so i know its online.


On the Environments page, there is a button called Check Health. Can you click this button and let me know what the output is, and whether that marks the servers as Online?


Manual Health Checks time out for me. I’ve done it twice - 55 minutes and 2 hours.


I was able to resolve this by changing the log on permissions of both services.