Tentacle Compatibility Matrix?

I am looking to update my docker image that runs my Octopus Tentacles. As part of that I want to upgrade to the latest version of the Tentacle that is compatible with the version of Octopus Server I am running.

Is there a list of which versions of the Tentacle image are compatible with a given version of Octopus Server?

Specifically I am running Octopus Server version 2021.3 (Build 8275). Is the latest version of the Octopus Tentacle image posted to Docker Hub (Version 6.1.1409) is compatible with it?

Hi @OctopusSchaff,

Thanks for reaching out to Octopus support and for your great question! We do have a compatibility page that breaks down which versions of Octopus are compatible with all related components.

You are on a very recent Octopus server release and can use anything above our v4.0 Tentacle. Let me know if this answers your question or if you have any other questions for us.


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