Tentacle automatic installation using Terraform

Hello all,
I am trying to achieve as mush automation as possible using Terraform Provider of Octopus deploy. I am at the step where i need to deploy the tentacle to the target EC2 instance, and register it to my self-hosted Octopus Deploy server.

Is there any possible way to do it, other than the “user-data” section of Terraform?
Thank you.


Thanks for reaching out to Octopus!

Unfortunately, the only way I have ever used terraform to run custom scripts is using the user-data section.

Is there a reason you can’t use that?

You can check out some samples here that use terrafrom to create an Octopus worker.



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Hello Adam,
Thank you for your reply.
I would prefer to avoid user-data because with this execution you don’t actually get a logging of the actual script execution within the Terraform terminal. Nevetheless, it would be great if you had an example using user-data just to test and see whether i can adopt it to me needs.
Thank you for the link above, it is very useful even though it is the opposite of what i am trying to do which is to execute and register the Tentacle via Terraform and not via Octopus Server.
Thank you again for your reply.