Tenant Variables missing?

I noticed this morning that all of my tenants with Project variables are shown in the UI as missing all variables. However, deployments seem fine and when I look at the TenantVariables table they seem to be intact. Is this a UI bug?

I just rolled back to 2019.8.1 from 2019.8.2 and the Tenant Project Variables are now visible in the UI, so it looks like an ‘undocumented feature’ in 2019.8.2.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry you’ve hit this issue. This isn’t looking like a UI bug, it seems to be permissions related and the API is filtering differently following an update that was done to the back end.

We’ve been able to reproduce similar behaviour to what you’ve described by scoping user roles to an environment. Could you confirm whether you have environment scoping on any of your teams’ user roles assignments?


Hi Shannon,

That does indeed appear to be the case.



Thanks Scott, we’ve been able to track the bug and have a fix coming.

There’s a GitHub issue you can follow if you like.


Awesome, Thank you Shannon.

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